Mary Newell, DVM

Mary Newell, DVM
September 22, 2015 (published)
Dennis Ngo

This All Happened Before Lunch

Wednesdays are groom days. So in addition to the usual chaos of surgeries, drop offs and appointments, we have grooming clients to deal with as well. In the midst of the noise and phone calls this morning, we get a call from an RV dealer in Houston. The man on the phone tells the technician that they have a client there with a dog whose head is stuck in a vent in his RV; can we get the dog out? In my head I'm picturing a small Jack Russell-type dog with his head stuck through the AC floor vent and I tell the tech, sure, no problem. We can get the dog out. Tell him to head this way.

A half hour later, a truck and older model camper pull into the parking lot.

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